Working In General Retail – Job Description Sales Assistant

Would you like to work in the retail industry? If you possess any of the following skills apply now!

Some of the main duties for a general position in the retail industry in a shop such as a department store or a boutique, working as a sales assistant will require the following skills:-

Ability to interact well with people.
Greet customers and ensure their needs are met.
To offer help and assistance in locating/obtaining a particular product make/size/model.
To make recommendations, such as, to place an order or to call another store regarding the item required if its out of stock and place the order for the customer.
To make recommendations regarding the product/merchandise.
Provide gift-wrapping and packing services.
To be able to use a cash register efficiently and ensure vouchers, coupons and cash are kept in order.
Process cash/credit payments.
Answer questions and queries.
Keep the environment clean/tidy (wipe down counters/shelves).

It is essential to maintain as much knowledge as possible regarding sales and promotions whilst also ensuring that you know what the companys policies and procedures are regarding exchanging/payment of goods.

Always maintain all essential security regulations are met.

Depending on the product sometimes it will be necessary to provide a demonstration of its use or operation and give advice on the maintenance of the item(s).

Other duties may involve:-
Maintaining the stores sales records.
Balancing the cash register and making deposits.
Pricing items correctly and visibly.
Creating attractive displays to promote the companys sales.
Preparing sales slips and contracts.
Making delivery arrangements.
Selling insurance and service policies for goods purchased.
Having the ability to stock take.
Being aware and knowledgeable regarding security threats and keeping an eye out for theft.

Whether you decide to work for a large department store or a corner shop or even a small boutique on the high street, the job role for a retailer is endless and full of career opportunities too. There is always plenty of overtime on offer and flexibility regarding hours of work.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adding 3d Secure To An E-commerce Website.

There is no doubt that 3D Secure and Verified by Visa are successful anti- fraud techniques and are definitely options that merchants should discuss with their internet payment provider. This added security step has been proven to reduce fraudulent transactions and increase consumer confidence when paying with credit cards online, but there are still many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to add 3D Secure to a website.

Carl Buchalet CEO of Cashtronics payment systems explains how at Cashtronics they look at each merchant individually and decide whether or not 3D Secure is in the merchants best interest.

From our experience at Cashtronics the advantages of adding this extra security measure for merchants are clear:

Reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions.
Decreases the number of disputed transactions.
Shifts the financial liability away from the merchant.
Boosts some consumers confidence- often leading to increased sales.

Although there are clear anti-fraud benefits, they need to be carefully weighed against potential revenue losses and problems that can arise from using 3D Secure:

Additional Obstacles to purchase: Each security field that is added to an online form has been proven to dramatically lower the % of successfully completed transactions.
Poor Communication: Many customers have no idea what 3D Secure is; consequently they close the browser window, leading to lost sales.
Security Issues: Some banks require a customer to keep a card with a series of secret codes on it. This is often the same card that is used to authorize wire transfers on the bank account so cardholder then carries this card around with them, exposing them self to hard fraud.
Browser Problem: Sometimes the 3D secure request field is on the bottom of the screen and not seen by the customer- again causing high abandonment rate.
Unfriendly Protocol: The web browser connects to unfamiliar domain names and can cause extra delay and crashes.
Complicated Process: A password is often required and customers often forget it!
Added cost: Many payment providers charge an additional fee for 3D Secure.
NOT Fraud Proof: Many thieves catch cards in the postal mail, so they can usually set up 3D secure on their own fairly easily since they have new cards and enhanced information. Also even the 3D secure system has become the target of some phishing scams.

To reduce the problems that can arise with 3D secure merchants should ask potential internet payment providers the following:

1) Is adding this extra step in the best interest for the business given the field it operates in?
2) What are the additional fees for processing 3D Secure and Verified by Visa?
3) Are 3D secure transactions in house, as outsourcing adds to the cost & difficulty of the transaction and can reduce the level of security.
4) Does the payment provider have experience in processing this type of transaction?

In general, a payment provider should be able to give each merchant an idea of the volume of sales that they will loose depending on their industry, and will then calculate how much can be gained on charge backs and fraud by offering 3D Secure; then it is just a simple calculation to see which case yields a higher ROI.

Steps To Choosing A Point Of Sale System For Your Restaurant

If your restaurant is growing, then investing in a restaurant point of sale system should be your next move. Having this restaurant computer software will allow your restaurant to become more effective and efficient. The question is how do you choose the right restaurant point of sale system? What do you need to do to ensure your money is spent properly?

The first step to choosing a restaurant computer software is to look at its usability. Does the software have everything you need to manage the restaurant? If so, how easy is it for your staff to use? Usually, systems that use a touch screen monitor are the easiest to use. Try looking at different point of sale systems in order to figure out which ones will make it easy to run your restaurant.

The second step is to think about the hardware that you would need. For most businesses getting started, they will likely need receipt printers, computers, cash drawers and will want to accept credit cards. It is a good idea to go with an all inclusive system to get set up with everything you need. These restaurant point of sale systems can be cheaper than adding on extras down the line.

The third step is to think about a system that integrates multiple channels such as phone, mobile, and the Internet. This can allow for things such as employees being able to track reservations online, tracking orders from mobile devices, and more. Youll get a more accurate way to fulfill orders and track revenue.

The fourth step is to take a look at what kind of support you are getting. Is the restaurant computer software that youre going to use constantly being upgraded? Can you expect strong tech support from the company? Is it going to cost a lot of money to maintain your system? These are all things that you need to think about before making a purchase.

The fifth and final step is to compare different restaurant point of sale systems based on price. List all the features you would need and do some comparison shopping with different companies to make the best decision. You may be able to get great deals if you need multiple terminals for your restaurant.

So thats a quick 5 step guide to choosing the POS system for your restaurant. Make sure that you spend some time doing research on software and systems before you make a decision. You want to make sure that you are satisfied with how the system runs before you make an investment.

Carbon Copy Pro Scam – The Dirty Truth Revealed

Carbon Copy PRO is a new automated turn-key marketing system founded by Jay Kubassek, a successful network marketing entrepreneur. It provides an absolute solution for promoting business opportunities with a leading direct sales company. Since its release in October 2007, the company sales increased 350%.

This revolutionary marketing system eliminated all the difficulties that distributors could have been through when promoting their business opportunities. In traditional direct sales systems or MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing), recruiting down lines and convincing people to buy their useless products are what stopping people from succeeding.

With the traditional network marketing system, you have to acquire the ability to convince people to join your business to be successful, which means only 1 out of 10 MLM distributors will make it to the top, simply because they are more talkative or clever than the others.

For example, in traditional network marketing system, you have to personally call your leads or prospects to close the sale, but in Carbon Copy Pro, they hire experts to call your leads for you. Carbon Copy Pro simply eliminated all the human variables that could happen in this direct sales business.

How Does Carbon Copy Pro Work?

1. When visitors see your capture page, they will be attracted to the incentives of making money from a legitimate home business. The prospects will simply submit their name and email address, and find out what this business is; they become “leads.”

2. Your prospects will then watch a video that motivates them and read through all the testimonials and have a general idea of what it is (but they still don’t know what the real business is). In the next page, they will watch another video about why they should join us. If they are interested, they may submit their application with $49 application fee so they can find out what the real business is. This is a fee to eliminate all the tire-kickers or Curious George who are not serious about building a business. You will make $30 commission from this $49 application fee to lower your advertising cost. The whole process is called “funded proposal.”

3. When a lead applies to join Carbon Copy PRO, within one business day, the Carbon Copy Pro call center will phone this applicant, and make sure he or she has gained access to all the information. This applicant will also be scheduled to talk to one of the Millionaire Mastermind Group (MMG) members. You basically don’t have to do anything.

4. If the leads did not apply to become a member, they will still receive follow-up emails from your auto-responder to inform them about this business opportunity. They may find it interested and submit their applications later. All the emails are professionally written for you by our Carbon Copy Pro experts.

5. This system is probably the most powerful leads generator and has the highest conversion rate.

It is NOT a scam

1. The company has a clean record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

2. The company has never been investigated or sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

3. No actions by a State Attorney General has ever been taken against the company, nor are there any pending investigations.

4. The company has is a United States of America Corporation based in Texas. It’s not some fly-by-night, off-shore sham.

5. The company is a member in good standing of the Direct Sales Association, the leading trade organization for direct sales companies.

6. Industry leaders such as Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring and MLM Traffic Formula fame and Jeffrey Combs of Golden Mastermind Seminars are associated with the company

Mike Dillard’s Testimonial

“I’ve never seen another business where someone can plug-in to a simple marketing system and generate a full time income within their first 30 to 60 days.”

“This is the only business model I can whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who wants to earn a significant income from home.”