Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction – How To Pick Up Strippers

Here’s a cool tip for you to use the next time you’re hanging out at a strip club, and you want to seduce a hot stripper and see her outside of the club…

I’ve read a lot of books about marketing, and it’s remarkable how many similarities there are between trying to close a sale with a customer — and trying to close the deal with a woman and get what you want from her. (This could mean acquiring her phone number, setting up a date with her, or bringing her home for sex.)

The bottom line is, if you’re going to seduce women you’ve got to be a good salesman. The product you are selling is YOURSELF.

First, you’ve got to believe in the product you are selling. If you think that you are a valuable asset that any girl would be lucky to have, it’s going to be much easier for you to convince women to go for you.

You could say it’s like the difference between going to a Ferrari dealership, and a car lot that sells junky used cars.

The salesman on the Ferarri lot knows he’s got “the goods.” Every guy wants a Ferarri, right? These salesmen tend to be very smooth and polished, and they don’t NEED to go for the “hard sell.” The salesman is more interested in finding out whether YOU are capable of buying one of his pricey vehicles. He doesn’t need to try to coerce you to buy a vehicle. If you’re at the Ferarri dealership, it’s obvious that you’d like to have one! The question in the salesman’s mind is, do YOU have the resources to buy a Ferrari?

Compare this to the “hustler” who works at the junky used car lot. He knows his vehicles are crap. If you buy one, it might even break down before you get it back to your house! The low quality of his products are evident by the way he makes his sales pitch. He is pushy and too eager to make the sale. He knows his products do not speak for themselves; he needs to try to convince you that “this is what you need.”

Obviously, you want to be the Ferrari guy when you’re flirting with women…and especially with hot strippers. The question in your mind should be, is this girl WORTHY of your product? Because, not EVERY girl deserves you…

This mindset is essential for seducing the hottest strippers, because they’re used to dealing with customers who are AWED by their beauty and sexuality — but they don’t have the confidence that is necessary to make a hot woman feel genuine interest and attraction.

So, more than anything else, you’ve got to be FUN and PLAYFUL. Don’t take these strip club interactions too seriously. Act like flirting with a hot stripper is a perfectly normal part of your lifestyle.

When she asks you “do you want a dance,” you pretend like she wants a dance from YOU. You say…

“Do I want to dance? For you? Well I guess I could, but I charge a hundred bucks for three songs, and keep your hands to yourself…”

If a hot stripper says to you, “Can you buy me a drink?”, you can reply…

“Well, I COULD, but then we’re going to need the next ten minutes talking, and I need to make sure you can carry on a cool conversation. So tell me something about yourself that no customer in this place would ever guess about you.”

Here’s a humorous one that I use at strip clubs. When a stripper introduces herself to me by her stage name (i.e. “Hi, I’m Destiny”), I create a stage name for myself:

“Well, since we’re giving stage names, you can call me Hercules. I dance at the club down the road on Tuesday Ladies’ Nights. We can probably share some tips with each other, huh?”

My “Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction” program gives dozens of tactics and techniques for flirting with strippers and building real connections with them. There’s a lot of funny, clever, cocky stuff in this program that is going to take strippers by surprise…and make them very curious to know more about you.

Then, you are going to master the “closing” tactics that enable you to take things out of the club…and eventually, into your bed 😉

If you enjoy visiting strip clubs sometimes (as I do), why be another “chump customer” and blow money on nothing? Why not discover how to take control and make hot strippers play this game by YOUR rules.

The information in “Secrets Of Strip Clubs Seduction” is extremely powerful. Some of these tactics affect strippers on a subconscious level and flip their “attraction switches” without them even knowing it! And even better, once you know how to pick up strippers, closing the deal with “regular” women in other environments begins to feel almost TOO easy! Learn these tactics and start dominating the strip clubs tonight.

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HR manajemen (manajemen sumber daya manusia) adalah bidang manajemen yang khusus mempelajari hubungan dan peranan manusia dalam organisasi perusahaan. HR manajemen lebih fokus membahas mengenai pengaturan peranan manusia dalam mewujudkan peranan yang optimal. Pengaturan itu meliputi masalah perencanaan, pengorganisasian, pengarahan, pengendalian, pengadaan, pengembangan, kompensasi, pengintegrasian, pemeliharaan, kedisiplinan, dan pemberhentian tenaga kerja untuk membantu terwujudnya tujuan perusahaan.
Peranan HR Manajemen dapat diringkas menjadi beberapa hal berikut:
1. menetapakan jumlah, kualitas tenaga kerja di perusahaan yang efektif sesuai dengan kebutuhan perusahaan berdasarkan job description, job spesicifation, job requirement, dan job evaluation.
2. Menetapkan penarikan, seleksi dan penempatan karyawan berdasarkan asas the right man in the right place and the right man in the right job.
3. Memonitor dan mengimplementasikan undang-undang dan peraturan yang berlaku mengenai ketenagakerjaan.
4. Menetapakan program kesejahteraan, pengembangan, promosi dan pemberhentian.

Fungsi pertama dari manajemen sumber daya manusia (HR manajemen) adalah pengadaan atau procurement. Proses pengadaan bukanlah proses yang mudah justru sebaliknya karena untuk mendapatkan dan menempatkan orang-orang yang kompeten, serasi, serta efektif tidaklah semudah membeli dan menempatkan mesin.
Karyawan adalah asset utama perusahaan yang menjadi perencana dan pelaku aktif dari setiap aktivitas organisasi. Pengadaan karyawan harus didasarkan pada prinsip apa baru siapa. Apa artinya kita harus terlebih dahulu menetapkan pekerjaan-pekerjaannya berdasarkan uraian pekerjaan. Siapa artinya kita baru mencari orang-orang yanng tepat untuk menduduki jabatan tersebut berdasarkan spesifikasi pekerjaan.
Job Analysis perlu dilakukan agar dapat mendesign organisasi serta menetapkan uraian pekerjaan dan evaluasi pekerjaan. Job Analysis adalah menganalisa dan mendesain pekerjaan apa saja yang harus dikerjakan, bagaimana mengerjakannya dan mengapa pekerjaan ini harus dilakukan.
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Tips For Writing More Effective Copy For Your Sales Letter

If you currently have a copywriting piece that’s not performing up to par, then maybe this article will be of some use to you. Writing winning sales copy does not have to be hard. All it takes is some minor tweaking and you will find that your changes can be the difference in mediocre response and world-class results. Here’s the first tip for making all of your copywriting pieces effective. 1) Redo your headline Writing a winning headline does not have to be complicated or hard. Your entire sales piece depends on the effectiveness of your headline, so you will want to make it good. If your headline doesn’t do the job of captivating a reader, your whole sales piece is in trouble. Your headline will comprise of up to 80% of the success of your sales letter – so it’s that important. One of the best things that you can do for yourself if you want to start writing winning headlines is to create something that is called a swipe file. A swipe file is simply a collection of winning ads and sales letters. They are there to make your copywriting job a lot easier. Whenever you need to write a sales letter from scratch, use a sales letter from your swipe file as a template. It’s the easiest way to get started writing a winning headline. 2) Talk one-to-one In your copywriting piece, you will want to speak in first person to your reader. Use the word “you” a lot in your sales letter. This makes everything more personal and actively engages the reader into your sales piece. When you speak one-to-one to your prospects, you’re talking to them as if they were sitting across the table from you – and this is how you want to address your prospects. 3) Use bullet points Bullet points basically tell your reader what they will receive from your product. When writing the bullet points for your sales letter, you want to make each one like a mini-headline. Each bullet should be the equivalent to the headline of your entire sales letter. Don’t skimp when writing your bullets or make them weak. They play a pivotal part in the success of your sales letter. 4) Use the postscript A lot of readers skim to the bottom of the page when reading sales letters, and you can use this opportunity to sell them on your product once more. When a reader skims to the end of the page to see what’s at the bottom, summarize your entire offer via your postscript or PS. The PS should briefly summarize everything you just said and should entice your reader to want to read more. All effective postscripts still lets the reader know what’s in it for them, so you will want to detail what your prospects will receive at this part of your letter. All of these tips for writing more effective copy can be very helpful if you put them to use. Be sure to start using them today if you want to increase your sales and profits.

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Direct Sales Is One Of The Best Ways To Make Big Money

There are many ways to make big money on the Internet. I personally have found direct sales to be one of the best ways to make money online and make alot of it. Why do I say that?

1. Higher commissions. Companies are willing to compensate you for your efforts at a higher commission rate than you can make in other ways.

For example, Primo Vacations is a big ticket direct sale opportunity. You earn $500 on every $697 sale you make. This works out to over a %70 commission rate.

Some companies will cut checks directly to you. In the Primo Vacations example you are your own business owner and the money is paid directly to you on a completed sale.

There are examples of high commission rates in other business models such as affiliate marketing. In many ways selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer is a direct sales approach.

ClickBank is an example of an affiliate program where you can earn up to 75% commissions selling ebooks. The downside to this is these are not really big ticket items, so you have to make more sales to really make big money.

2. You are in control. People who want to have control over their income love direct sales opportunities.

When you go to work your boss tells you how much are going to make. Generally every Friday you get a paycheck and you know exactly what it is going to be.

In direct sales the more you sell the more you are going to earn. For people who are self-motivated this is an excellent way to make a lot of money.

Unlike other business models such as network marketing, you are not relying on a downline to earn you money. This is why so many people fail in network marketing.

Unless you are in an MLM program that offers products that pay a high commission, many times people never make enough money to justify staying in business. Therefore they quit.

3. Easy to focus. This is one of my favorite things about direct sales.

Your focus is strictly on selling your product. You may need to do marketing on the Internet to drive traffic to your website.

You might need to follow up with people via phone or email to answer questions. However, your focus is on generating leads and selling your product.

You are not worried about blogging every day. You are not worried about adding new web pages. If you can get focused on selling direct sales is the way to go.

There is no doubt the direct sales is one of the best ways to make big money if you promote the right product. Look for big ticket items that will pay you commissions of $500 or more and you can make a lot of money.