Organized Retail Industry In India – Swot Analysis


Retail Industry in India, contributing over 10 per cent to the country’s GDP and accounting for around 8 per cent of the employment, is the largest among all the industries. Over the years, it has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries.

More than 95 per cent of the Indian retail sector falls in the unorganized sector category. Organized retail is expected to grow from 5-6 per cent to 14-18 per cent of the total retail market by 2015.

Organized retail sector’s penetration level is 85 per cent in US, 80 per cent in France, 66 per cent in Japan, 20 per cent in China and, merely 5-6 per cent in India. This confirms that India is at an early stage of evolution in the organized retail space and has a huge growth potential.


Industry at a glance Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting the industry in the form of a SWOT framework


Gain insight into the industry in terms of the opportunities and threats that will augment and restrict its growth Get knowledge about the forte of the industry which will help it to ride in the lead OVERVIEW SWOT ANALYSIS 1.1Strength 1.1.1Increasing middle class 1.1.2 Technology 1.1.3 Low cost of operations 1.2 Weakness 1.2.1 Low conversion level 1.2.2 Shortage of skilled manpower 1.2.3 Lack of Industry Status 1.2.4 Supply chain 1.2.5 Policy induced barriers 1.3 Opportunities 1.3.1 Rural Retail 1.3.2 Tier II and Tier III cities 1.3.3 Specialty Retail 1.3.4 Disposable Income 1.4 Threats 1.4.1 Unorganized Retail 1.4.2 Complex taxation system 1.4.3 Macro economic factors 1.4.5 Real Estate Issues 1.4.6 Competition


Figure 1 Middle class households (mn, 2012- 2026E) Figure 2 Labor cost per person ($ p.a, Asian countries) Figure 3 City wise retail penetration (%, 2006-2011) Figure 4 Per capita income (INR, 2006-2015E) Figure 5 Lease rentals (% of sales, 2005-2010) For more information kindly visit : Organized Retail Industry In India – Swot Analysis


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Italian Jobs Berlin

The hotel industry in Berlin recruits Italian and English speakers as data and channel management co-ordinators, where training for the knowledge of in-house job system is provided to employees. For this job, the candidates are required to have command over written and spoken English in addition to having fluency of German, French or Italian languages. (Both written and spoken). The job requires strong communication skills, the candidates are assumed to be computer literate as well. If you are a fluent English and Italian speaker then you can be recruited in hotel management job market.

Jobs in telecommunication are abundant for Italian speakers, but for that you need to have good command in English as well as Italian. Companies recruit candidates with strong English and Italian fluency. You can be employed as Customer service agent. For this, the candidate is required to have complete knowledge of communicating with customers through all ways of communication, telephone, fax, e-mail, chat or any other form of communication.

In the marketing sector too, the Italian speakers can be recruited but for that English, German and Italian language fluency is recommended. Here is a sample of job description:

Sales Account Manager

Job type: Full time
Requirements: Strong Communication Skills
Experience: At least three years of experience in account or sales management
Language skills: Should be a fluent English and Spanish or Italian speaker, however if a person has command over both Spanish and Italian then that person would be on a surer ground.

Moreover Italian job speakers can apply as customer service agent, client service agent and sales manager.

Cost of living

Cost of living is relatively less expensive in Berlin as compared to the rest of Germany. Average Rental cost in Berlin varies around 350-450, you can easily get a one bedroom apartment in around 450, but it depends upon what you desire, to get a decent living, more facilities you have to spend 1000-1500 per month. Berlin is considered 36% cheaper than London and 35% cheaper than New York, US. Household necessities are relatively cheap in Berlin.


Tax structure in Germany is progressive in nature, higher payable taxes for higher income. Tax rate is from 0-45%. Individuals who are permanent residents of Germany are liable to pay tax, both from income earned in within Germany and from overseas. A person who is employed in Germany but is a foreign resident is liable to pay tax on income earned in Germany only. The income tax is withheld by the employer every month and then the employer directly pays the tax to the tax office.

How To Take A Slow Sales Season Head On

Slow sales seasons occur in virtually every industry, whether its during the summer when everyone heads to the beach, or during the holidays when everyone spends time with family. To keep the momentum going, you can utilize these proven tactics to ensure that your sales team makes the most of this downtime.

Sales Incentives

There are a few tactics you can employ to increase your sales sales incentives being chief among them. If youre trying to grow during a slow sales cycle, consider offering sales incentives to representatives for meeting their quota during slow months, or for bringing in the most sales. This will increase their motivation levels and will help point your sales in a positive direction.

Seasonal Sales

One method that helps draw in clients and prospects during these times is to offer seasonal sales. Promote certain products that are either relevant to the season, or that are known to be slow movers during that time of year and you just need to get rid of overhead.


Summer months are a wonderful time to prospect. Get creative and use your prospects out of office notifications to setup future meetings and connections with them. Save the dates on your calendar to contact them upon their return.

Get Experienced

Slow seasons are great times to attend events and conferences. Find conferences and events specifically related to your industry or your clients industry and send your sales staff. You can make these events exciting by selecting those that take place in more popular destinations.

Review Your Tools and Strategies

Down times are also a great time to review the tools and strategies your sales staff currently uses to prospect and close sales, and to research new tools and strategies that you can incorporate for greater tracking and communicating.

Slow seasons are stressful for you and your teams. Make sure that you lay out realistic expectations to keep everyone from becoming discouraged and to keep everyone motivated.

Changes In Top Management In Tata Motors

Tata motors have made changes in their top management cadre invoved in passenger cars business by mobilizing the best internal resources to improve their passenger car sales.

The persons who have been posted in the key positions from their existing positions are as follows.

1.Mr. Telang P.M. MD looks after the Indian Operations in Tata Motors
2.S. Krishnan Senior Vice President, International business Operations
3.Nitin Seth Senior GM, Cross company initiatives
4.V. Ramakrishnan VP (Commercial) looks after Passenger Cars business
5.Niraj Srivastava Regional manager Car Product Group
6.Rajesh Kaul Regional manager (West)

Tata Motors Spokesperson has confirmed these changes and said that this has been done to execute new responsibilities. Many people who had a long association with this company opine that this has been done to revitalize the business of cars and bring new talent. However since the truck business is already established these changes will hardly have any effect on the commercial business. Emission norms to Euro III standards become mandatory from October and many people are purchasing the new trucks to comply with this standard.

The pressure on the car sales is increasing day by day. Recently Tata plant at Gujarat has been commissioned thereby stabilizing Nano production. Because of the heavy competition from competing car manufacturers sales of cars Indigo, Indica, Sumo and Safari are subjected to lots of pressure. After Rajiv Dubes exit Tata motors did not appoint anybody as President of car business.